2013 King Marketing Student Recognition Award Goes To David Hunt

King Marketing is very pleased to be partnering with Kwantlen Polytechnic University in offering $1,000 a year awards to BC based students. For the current year, we are very pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the King Marketing Student Recognition Award is David Hunt.

From an early age David was determined to change the world. So, as soon as he was old enough, he participated in humanitarian outreaches in Mexico and Nigeria. What surprised David was how rich these nations were in human capital and natural resources. His long-term objective is to be an elected civil servant so that he can influence foreign leaders and those who have the power to provide opportunity to the oppressed and enforce justice on the corrupt. Globalization has made this possible. International trade has led to many nations being co-dependent, so governments can influence each other readily without military conflict. Canada’s vast natural resources give us a unique and strategic position to potentially shape both the human rights and ethics policies of other nations.

Congratulations David!

Paul Crawford Presents the Suncast Cup

Recently King Marketing’s President Paul Crawford, Was in Calgary to represent one of our manufactures Suncast, at the Spruce Meadows Country Club in Calgary.  Paul had the honour to present the Suncast Cup to the winner of the North American Tournament from an international field of show jumpers.

You can see the video of Paul presenting the Cup to the winner Shane Sweetnam here: http://sprucemeadows.com/photosvideo/video.jsp

You can also review the results of the Suncast Cup here: http://www.sprucemeadows.com/tournaments/media/1372887890779_640B.pdf