King Marketing is the leading manufacturer’s agency in the home improvement, hardware and lawn and garden retail sector in Canada. King Marketing provides dedicated merchandising services for manufacturers to national retail accounts and the “box” stores. King Marketing merchandising services can customize a program uniquely suited to your needs. Working with a menu of value added service offerings, King Marketing can work on a fee or commission basis.

  • Ensuring your on-shelf presence is optimized, that the “best practice” plan-o-gram is in place and that there is product in stock, or on order, to satisfy the rate of sale.
  • Providing product knowledge, training, event and demo support.
  • Completing resets and new store sets.
  • The on-going replenishment and maintenance of P.O.P. materials, leaflets, banners, brochures, parts kits and displays.
  • Implementing sales enhancement programs including stack-outs, clip strips, end caps, wing panels, and cross merchandising programs to maximize use of available shelf and off shelf space and increase the chance of moving your products into the hands of the consumer.
  • Conducting price shops to provide competitive feedback.
  • Dealing with RTV’s (return to vendor) services.
  • Ensuring that the physical inventory in the store, matches that on the computer. Cycle counts are performed on a regular basis to ensure stock on hand matches that in the system.


Retailers used to rely on vendor and manufacturer support for merchandising services. In recent years the larger retailers have effectively removed vendor reps by charging manufacturers a fee for services now provided by proprietary in store service programs. This can result in your brand position being compromised. Take back control of your on shelf position by letting King Marketing become “your brand champion”. The King Merchandising Group will:

  • Ensure your best practice set or plan-o-gram is implemented.
  • Take care of your displays, fill your in store parts kit if necessary, handle, ship and install P.O.P. materials, replace price stickers and replenish leaflet holders with literature.
  • Oversee the adjustment of computer on-hands to match the physical inventory in store.
  • Pursue all sales enhancement activities including end cap, stack out, wing panel, clip strip and cross merchandising activities.
  • Provide picture and documented evidence of your brand position on every call.


Merchandising your products is one of King Marketing’s specialties. Product placement is key to your brand success. Whether it be ensuring your best moving products are in the best shelf position to sell, or ensuring the products are in stock at all times King Marketing will be your brand champion. The King Merchandising Group will:

  • Ensure your brand position is fully protected in the store by ensuring plan-o-gram integrity, products are clean and sellable and merchandised to the rate of sale.
  • Pursue all opportunities for cross merchandising and other sales activities related to maximizing available retail space for your products.
  • Make sure orders have been placed taking into count minimum order quantities, lead times and seasonal spikes in retail activity for your brand.


Product Knowledge is critical in today’s retail marketplace. The features and benefits of your products have to be continually reinforced especially in a marketplace dominated more and more by private label and proprietary store brands.

  • Take every opportunity to train store personnel and associates at all levels.
  • Look at conducting Product Knowledge sessions as an opportunity not a burden.
  • Perform impromptu training sessions wherever and whenever possible.
  • Use all collateral materials supplied by represented manufacturers.
  • Become well versed in not only your products, but similar products sold by competitors.


Many of the “box” store retailers have contractor breakfasts, lunches, evening activities or contractor days. Whether it be a “Home Hardware Pro Contractor Services Show” at Home Hardware or a “Scratch and Save” day at Rona the King merchandising team with the support of a team of demonstrators will participate in these activities and events on our manufacturers behalf. King Marketing has stand alone offices and numerous other storage facilities used to store corporate tents, tables, booths and other event support materials. All of these are used to provide easy local access to materials required for these types of events.


King Marketing utilizes the services of Pick-See Data Management and Reporting Solutions. Pick-See provides a secure web based password protected portal that is accessible 24 / 7 by our representatives, our managers and most importantly our represented manufacturers. Pick-See provides:

  • A real time reporting system for King’s sales and service representatives to report and showcase every call and activity carried on behalf of our represented manufacturers.
  • A tool to create tasks and mandates for the sales and service teams.
  • The ability to push these tasks out to the field with instructions and attachments.
  • The functionality to pull all the information back in the form of reports, photo and survey summaries.
  • A fully interactive menu in order to slice and dice the data and view specific projects and tasks and their progress.

Coast-to-coast coverage with offices in: