• We do more for less!

    Don’t let downsizing
    prevent your business
    from upsizing!

  • Boots on the ground

    Why have a couple of
    sales reps when you can
    have a sales army!

  • We have strength in numbers

    Our army of experienced sales
    and merchandising reps reach
    more stores nationally!

We are your brand champions

As an agency working in both retail and pro channels at the head office, distributor and store level, King Marketing is the only agency offering a national one-stop shop for all sales and in store merchandising servicing needs in these industries.

Why choose
King Marketing

Accountability and Transparency

King’s KRM System (King’s Reporting Manager) offers a reporting solution which provides a secure web based password protected portal that is accessible 24 / 7 by our representatives, our managers and most importantly our represented manufacturers.

Easy integration

A real time reporting system for King’s sales and service representatives to report and showcase every call and activity carried on behalf of our represented manufacturers.

Visual Reporting

The functionality to pull all the information back in the form of reports, photo and survey summaries.

Data and Analytics

Professional representation utilizing seasoned pros and application specialists to increase sales in the Pro and Trade Channels.

Task Management

The ability to push these tasks out to the field with instructions and attachments.

Discover what is really going on with your products at the store level.



Here’s what our represented manufacturers say about us…

King Marketing is a truly professional organization. The quality of their people, dedication to their craft, and ability to manage in changing times has been the hallmark of their success.

King Marketing has always represented its manufacturer’s best interests and are pro-active in driving sales and growing market share.

A part of the team
I would characterize King Marketing Ltd as one of the leading agencies in the Home Improvement marketplace that runs a well-organized organization. I find it valuable that they have their organization set up with both selling and a servicing structure.
They provide an online portal that can track both selling activities and servicing projects that not only push the envelope with sales but provide up to date project status with details that can assist in driving additional sales and follow up with retailers on completion and issues as they arise. We view them as part of our team.

The top retail sales agency in Canada
I have worked with King Marketing at all levels, from the principals, national director, regional managers, service managers, and in-field sales and service representatives. King Marketing is a professional strategic partner and has been a valuable member of my teams.
I have relied on King Marketing for support during key resets with retailers, which has involved them taking on a captaincy role. King is effective not only in executing line reviews but helping with the development of roll-out strategies. Positive sales results are always a motivator in all their efforts. Based on my experiences I believe King Marketing is the top retail sales agency in the Canadian market.